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We at  “Eyes on the Truth” are excited about  bringing forth this website designed to provide information that will open your eyes to information that can support your spiritual growth.   We hope you  visit often, as we will bring new information each month.  Please join our member community  and obtain more detailed and focused information  in addition to monthly updates to public area on the website.


Our Mission: Eyes on the Truth  will strive to be a means of inspiration and hope in a world desperately searching for lasting peace.  Eyes on the Truth will be dedicated to serving you with information that will improve your life both spiritually and physically.

Inspired Writings

Eyes on the Truth will bring writings on various subjects  such as Earthquakes,  Signs  of the  Times,  Healthy Living, and  various other subjects  that will  provide information for helping you to  improve your life.




Inspired Writings by Yibniyah Hawkins

Inspired Writings: Voice of Health